Just Married Or Time To Spice Up The Bedroom For Love?


Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Congratulations on your new relationship, wanting to spice up the already existing relationship or you may be a newlywed and this will be the first bedroom that you ever shared. Create a bedroom for love, romance, intimacy, connection, communication and comfort.

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Bedroom:

  1. De-clutter: Things stacked on the floor? On the side table? Time to clean up, clear out and organize. Be sure to remove anything that might prove to be embarrassing or it’s not a fit for your new relationship.
  2. Add soft romantic lighting: Create soft romantic lighting by placing rope lights around the base of the bed, behind a decorative screen or behind a bed canopy. Shop around for any other soft lighting that would give you that perfect romantic intimate atmosphere.
  3. Bring in everything romantic: Make it extra comfortable for the both of you. Have the room represent both of you. Don’t expect to agree on all decor, but find a look and feel that is appealing to both of you. Shop around for everything romantic… hearts… quotes… pillows… soft cozy blankets… beautiful comfortable sheets… Make your bedroom a sanctuary of love.
  4. Put up a beautiful canopy: Canopies are beautiful, soft and very romantic. There are many that you can create yourself or the sky is the limit for purchasing that perfect canopy bed.
  5. Create your story: Photos are a great way to tell a story. Take photos of the two of you and arrange them in a frame with multiple photos or find another way to display your love story. Every time you go into your bedroom you will each be reminded what brought you together.
  6. Play your favorite love songs: Whether you play music from a stereo, IPod or computer choose some of your favorite songs and have them ready to play. Music always sets the tone of romance very quickly.
  7. Get creative: Flowers, candies, fresh fruits or any other way you can create your personalized romantic bedroom. Use your imagination and know what you and your special someone enjoy. Have everything you need already in the bedroom so make your evenings spontaneous, exciting and passionate.

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