7 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Working


Relationship Advice For Passionate Love

  1. Love EVERYTHING about them: The things you love and the things that drive you crazy.
  2. Show appreciation: Show appreciation for the smallest of things. Pay attention to all of the things you are grateful for in your relationship. Do not hesitate to let them know.
  3. Never take advantage: Never take advantage, ignore or discount your relationship. Finding fault with your partner is a sure killer for any passionate love that could have been.
  4. Express love in actions: The words ‘I love you’ are not the key to love or confirming that he or she loves you. Watch their love with anything they do for you or something as simple as their kindness. Love that about the love of your life instead of looking for those three words all of time.
  5. Don’t threaten to leave: Sometimes in order to get what we want human beings without thinking will threaten to leave. Cut it out. Don’t do that. If you truly want to keep this relationship strong your will never threaten someone with you leaving.
  6. Communicate lovingly: If something comes up that is misunderstood keep communicating until it is resolved. Communicate clearly and lovingly. Anything can be resolved with communication. Don’t give up.
  7. Let go of having to be right: Human beings have a natural instinct to be right about anything and everything. Notice when you need to be right about even the smallest of things. Let go of that need immediately. Do not be afraid to say ‘I’m so sorry… that was me wanting to be right and I really don’t care to do that anymore.’ This by itself will create an extraordinary relationship.

IMAGE: Rockin’ Sweet Love creation