[VIDEO] 5 Relationship Communication Rules

5 Relationship Communication Rules For Fighting Fair

What makes a great relationship? They fight? They don’t fight?

Every great relationship has moments that they do not agree on something. Times show up when one is not perfect and they do or say something that is hurtful to the other.

Great relationships learn how to ‘fight fair’. Great relationships agree to disagree. Disagreements create a rich soil to learn more about each other in order to blend into the ever so important ‘Us’. Great relationship communication is critical for that.

The most powerful relationship communication is being able to talk respectfully and clearly through the times of misunderstandings, disagreements and emotional upsets. Increasing you capacity to communication with the one you love is an invaluable skill.

An extraordinary relationship knows that communicating on a respectful mature level keeps you together for the forever love. This type of communication keeps the passion alive.

In this YouTube [VIDEO] Mathew Boggs shares ‘5 Rules for Fight Fair’ – “5 Things To “Never” Say When Fighting (How To Communicate)”.

Be sure to watch this powerful video below.

Here’s a summary of Mathew Boggs’ relationship communication wisdom:

  • We need to be taught these 5 ways of communicating
  • If you do not follow these relationship communication rules they can become toxic
  • These rules apply to new & long term relationships
  • Key ingredient? = RESPECT

Mathew says that RESPECT may not be that sexy, but it is key.

If you are looking for the soap opera or Hollywood version of love you will surely miss this one.

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Really want to know the answer? Ask your partner. It will take courage to do this.


Here are 2 of Mathew Boggs’ 5 Rules To Fair Fighting:

  1. No Name-Calling – No “You’re a jerk”, “You’re so selfish”, etc.
  2. No Bringing Up The Past – Tempting to bring up the past to prove that you are right. You may have the habit of collecting past things that have happened that solidify the point you are trying to make. Catch yourself before you get so fired up that bringing up the past feels natural in your hot moment. When you are fired up you might say, “You obviously don’t love me because…”. Stay focused on the thing you are talking about at hand.

Improve your relationship communication right now by watching this complete video.

SOURCE: YouTube Matthew Boggs

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