[VIDEO] 1st Thing To Do After Breakup?

Why not find the next relationship?

It’s an automatic reflex to grab for the next relationship as quickly as possible. Our plan is to get busy with someone else so we don’t feel the pain of the one who just left us.

When a relationship breakup happens it’s often a one-sided decision. The one who gets told that the relationship is over is totally caught off guard and many times they belief they are madly in love with the other person.

Rebound relationships often fail because the person doing the rebounding is still totally wrapped up in love with who just left them. Watch this Won Fu Productions story about a relationship breakup. This short [VIDEO] 10:16 has a powerful message within it. This falling out of love story is so relatable to most all of us. You will see how powerful it is to NOT find someone new for yourself, but to find someone new in yourself. Enjoy!