7 Relationship Tips To Turn Up The Passion


7 Tips To Ignite Your Relationship Passion

The best of relationships need a jump start of passion here and there. Do not have the unrealistic expectation that you relationship will be there for you no matter what. It’s too easy to fall into the regular routines in life and take advantage of what you have with each other. Here are ways you can fire up the passion in your relationship once again.

  1. Get out of your rut: Routines are important for work, walking the dog, getting the kids to school, etc; however, when your relationship start to be routine it will start to lose its luster. Does your life look like this? Get up… go to work… come home… eat dinner… watch TV… go the bed… get up… go to work… Get the picture? Anyone’s life can get into a rut form time to time. You life could actually start to look boring to you. You might start losing your excitement and ask yourself “Is this all there is?”. Now bring together two ruts… you and your significant other and you have a disaster ready to happen at any moment. Do everything you can to change up your routine life. Start looking at life like it is fresh and new everyday. Find new activities to do… get out of the house… plan things together (yes together… you may have so many things to do by yourself that you forgot)… schedule a weekly ‘date night’ (especially important if you have kids).
  2. Get to know each other again: Start with great communication and caring touch.  Caring touch could be brush the other’s hair, scrubbing their back in the shower, massaging their hands, etc. If you haven’t touched that much in awhile you may spend several weeks just getting reacquainted with what each other likes. Increasing your PDA (public displays of affection)…. holding hands, hugging, cuddling, kissing each other good-bye and hello. Explore how many different ways you can kiss.
  3. Look at old pictures & reminisce: Rekindle what brought your together to begin with. Remember the first time you met? What attracted you to each other? Any funny stories to tell?
  4. Google a subject & plan to talk about it: Find a subject that interests you both. Each of you do the research on traveling to Ireland… a recent book you read… a historical moment… learning a new dance or activity… Come together and talk about everything each of you learned about the subject.
  5. Step away from the computer!: AND the cell phone… AND the tablet… AND the television… AND work… AND, AND, AND. Declare a no work no technology day each week. For allot of you this will be the most difficult thing you can possibly think to do. Start with a morning, afternoon or evening of no work no technology and work up to a full day. Go for walks, hikes, read to each other, local events, take naps, meditate, do yoga, signup for a couple retreat… Take time to talk and listen intently and lovingly to each other.
  6. Role play: Role playing may seem awkward at first, but there isn’t anything better for spicing up the passion in your relationship again. Another way to say role playing is pretending. I know I know… some of you think this is a totally silly idea, but don’t knock it until you try it.

IMAGE: Rockin’ Sweet Love created/purchased image via ClipArt.com