[VIDEO] Every Great Love Begins With YOU!


How Do You Start Loving Yourself?

If I have something big I want to change in my life I do well with steps or someone telling me ‘how to’.

In this video, Louise Hay identifies 10 steps that teach you ‘How To Love Yourself’. Why talk about loving yourself when you are looking for someone else to love you?

Before you can create an extraordinary relationship you must fall madly in love with yourself.  When 2 people show up completely whole anything they share is total fringe benefits. Remember that loving yourself is not arrogance or selfishness. It’s critical for a healthy whole beautiful sweet intimate loving relationship and your entire life. Here are 2 steps of the 10 that Louise talks about in ‘How To Love Yourself‘:

  1. Stop All Criticism: I’m not going to do this anymore. Be okay where you are and you can make changes.
  2. Don’t Scare Yourself: Stop terrorizing yourself with frightful thoughts. Do not take a small situation and make it a big monster.

Watch this [VIDEO] 33:06 to discover all 10 steps for ‘How To Love Yourself‘.

SOURCE: YouTube; Louise L. Hay, “How To Love Yourself”

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