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Lauren Fleishman Couple’s Photographs Pop With Emotion!

Out of respect for this very talented photographer’s work I didn’t post more than one of her photographs. I was so moved when I saw Ms. Fleishman’s work. Her talent behind the lens captures pure emotion and she adds a story to the photos. She has a collection of couple’s photos that she has taken. She tells the beautiful story of each couple. You can easily get pulled into the story and photo as Ms. Fleishman shares their lives in her book “The Lovers” (now available on Amazon).

Yevgeniy and Lyubov Kissin. Brooklyn.
CREDIT Lauren Fleishman Photography

Like many love stories, it started with a letter.

Six years ago, Lauren Fleishman discovered a book next to her maternal grandfather’s bed. Inside were a series of love notes. He had written them to her grandmother during the Second World War.

Her grandparents Joseph and Doris Kalish had met on a blind date and married in 1944 in Goldsboro, N.C. They were together 59 years. Other than the basics, Ms. Fleishman didn’t know their story well. But the passionate passages she read from the couple’s early days inspired her to share the enduring love stories of other couples. After all, any romance that lasts for more than 50 years is probably worth talking about.

It’s difficult for the 35-year-old photographer, who is engaged, to imagine having been together that long. (Presumably, this is the case for most people in the first bloom of love.) By Kerri MacDonald

Lauren Fleishman is a 35 year old photographer who has photographed couples who have been married for half a century or more for her book “The Lovers” published in Europe.

In these particular relationships Ms. Fleishman noticed that the couple’s love got deeper the longer they were together. What a wonderful way to spend a relationship for life!

“I think photography is a language like anything else, and the more you practice it, the better you are at communicating,” she said. “But I think there’s something to hearing the couples sharing the love story in their own voice.” Lauren Fleishman

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