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RELATIONSHIP KEY#2: Allow yourself to be loved

Let’s restate this quote in another way, “Allow another human being to ROCK YOUR WORLD… allow them to help you… allow yourself to be loved”.

Loving and being loved can be the most amazing life changing experience on the planet. Sometimes loving and being loved does not come natural to us because of past negative experiences regarding relationships. More specifically there can be negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and past negative events that have programmed you for what love means to you.

Remember how I said we are not born with relationship skills and we need to practice with another human being? Love is a personal experience. You don’t know what it feels like until you feel it.

If I tried to tell you in words what it’s like to ride a bicycle you wouldn’t get the whole experience would you? Love is like that. To get the whole experience you have to participate.

Allowing yourself to be loved may sound obvious, but you may block love and you don’t even know you’re doing that. How can you tell?

You won’t know until you know. Just keep practicing and experiencing the KNOW yourself, LOVE yourself and BE yourself. You will naturally start to experience more and more love. Just like riding a bicycle? Perhaps not, but you will love better and better with practice.


7 great ways to ALLOW yourself to be LOVED in relationship:

  1. Let go of “I can do it myself” – When we are babies we are 100% dependent on someone to take care of us. As a child, we started to learn to do things on our own. It’s actually a very natural response for a child to want to do everything themselves. That would be the perfect time for a child to learn when to do things themselves and when to allow others to help. Most of us didn’t learn that very well as children. You can choose to get very good at this now. Learn how to accept someone’s help.
  2. Yes, even the little things count – I know I know… it’s such a little thing why consider having someone do it for you? This is a greatest place to practice receiving. You can start by allowing someone to open a door for you and allowing your groceries to be carried to your car for you. Keep looking for ALL ways that others want to help or support you. You may have said “No” in the past, but practice saying “Yes” when someone offers you help. If you have children, start teaching them how to help in the ways they are capable of right now. Show your appreciation for their help. They will learn how to give and receive so much better by you showing them. You may be really good at something. You may be really good at allot of things. If you significant other offers to do something for you say “Yes”. You will make their day!
  3. Ask for help – One of the best relationship advice tips I can give is never pass up a chance to be helped. Whether you are at work or at home notice when you need help and ask for it. Perhaps it feels like you are the only one who does household chores. It may seem like no one is helping. This is a great time to ask for what you need. If you have children, this is a great place to start teaching them how to be great adults in their own relationships one day. Don’t like doing dishes all the time? Ask your significant other to step in a couple times a week. Another way to do this is one person cooks and the other cleans up. You can work something out, but you have to ask to help first.
  4. Allow yourself to be “treated” – Have you ever said “No” to going out to dinner or doing something special? Maybe you didn’t feel like it in the moment or your mind was so busy with other things it seems like a trivial thing to do. Keep your eyes and ears open to be treated well. Chivalry is not dead. Allowing someone to open doors, pull your chair out, take you out for dinner, go dancing, out to a movie, local comedy club, football game and so much more. Do not let the busyness of life get in the way of your being treated well.
  5. Show your appreciation – This is one of my favorites. Have you ever done something for someone and they didn’t thank you? I’m not talking about being thanked over and over again like they owe you. They simply forgot the simple gesture of “Thank you so much for the gift… for dinner… that was thoughtful of you… you made my day…” You know what it’s like not to be acknowledged. What is the likelihood of you doing something else for that person again? I would say it would be less likely. Think about your significant other. Do you always acknowledge or thank them for what they do for you OR has the routines of life covered that up? Start expressing appreciation and gratitude to those who help you. We teach people how to treat us. By thanking someone they are most likely to repeat the same wonderful gesture to you.
  6. Treat yourself – Allowing yourself to be loved begins with you. Treat yourself to a massage, movie or dinner out. Spend some time reading a book that you can never quite get to. Try your hand at adult coloring books. Listen to your favorite music. Take a walk or hike in one of your favorite places. Just notice all of the personal things that have been put on hold in your life. These are usually the things that are buried behind your “To Do Lists”, work, the kids, etc.. Keep looking and you will find the perfect way to treat yourself well.
  7. Take WE time – No matter how long you have know your significant other you should always have a weekly ‘date night’. Family, work and life in general can quickly hide the romance and you have to keep it in place. Get creative with your date nights to keep the romantic spark alive. Some couples with kids have made the rule of no talking about the kids just so they can connect and communicate as a couple again.

Experiencing a powerful loving relationship is not easy at times. Honestly, a great relationship and being great with one another takes practice. Expect an extraordinary relationship and that’s what you will receive.



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