4 Life Changing Relationship Keys & Quotes


4 Powerful Relationship Keys To Take Your Relationship Over the Top!

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RELATIONSHIP KEY#1: Let go of your NEED for relationship

Experiencing a powerful loving relationship is not easy at times. Honestly, a great relationship and being great with one another takes practice.

Do not hold high expectations or expect perfection from yourself or your significant other. Relationship skills expand with the presence of another human being. We are not born with these skills.

You have to be willing to participate in this process. Let go of any need to wait for your significant other to make a mistake. If you are someone who looks for all the ways to blame someone or something else you have missed the whole point of ‘relationship’.

When one or the other person is ‘needy’ and looking to be filled up by the other it creates constant struggle and competition for attention.

When each person takes care of themselves FIRST then the relationship and love flourishes. Here’s another way to say this. When each person is whole and complete when they come together it’s all fringe benefits.



Critical foundational pieces to eliminate neediness:

  • KNOW Yourself – Know what your wants and needs are before involving another person into a relationship. If you are already in a relationship there are many ways to clear your mind before your communicate with your significant other. If you’re not confident in yourself you will feel very uncomfortable asking for what you need. Again, this takes practice and you will get better and better with that practice.
  • LOVE Yourself – Discovering and learning how to love yourself first is one of the MOST POWERFUL ways to sweeten your relationship way beyond what you ever thought possible. Neediness often shows up when someone is lacking self esteem, confidence and self respect. They end up grabbing onto the other person to fill up that void. When neediness is there it’s like a bottomless pit that can never have enough poured into it.
  • BE Yourself – This is a total discovery process and it takes practice. It’s one thing to be yourself with your own company, but in relationship the rules seems to change. Be yourself no matter what. Practice asking for what you need or want from your significant other. Do not judge each other for the imperfections as you are learning about each other. Keep your door wide open for love and connection. Whatever you focus on you will get more of.


There’s a famous quote from the movie, “Jerry McGuire”.

“You complete me.” movie “Jerry McGuire”

In all fairness, I removed this quote from a whole conversation, but here’s the biggest piece I want you to get.

The quote suggests that you can’t be whole and complete on your own… you NEED someone else in order to feel whole.

When two WHOLE and COMPLETE people come together in relationship everything they gain is fringe benefits. That’s a total expansion of both people.

When you are whole and complete there is no need for tugging or manipulating. You don’t have to persuade the other person to say or do things in order for you to feel loved, respected or important. As a whole and complete person you are full of love and importance.

If I could re-write the “Jerry McGuire” line it would be, “You expand me”.

You do not NEED an intimate relationship; however, when you are in any type of relationship your world expands exponentially in ways you cannot expand by yourself.

Using Law of Attraction you can expand your relationship everyday by focusing on what YOU WANT. You can actually design your relationship.

This simple (but not always easy) manifesting technique works so well!

Just know you are always manifesting. Focus on the problems and you will manifest more problems and what your DON’T WANT with the Law of Attraction.

Keep your energy clear, intentional and FULL OF LOVE!



ARTICLE SOURCE: RockinSweetLove – Dr. T

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