6 Happily Ever After Relationship Tips With Your Man


3 – Listen To Him Talk

Take time to listen to him. He has allot to say if you start listening more. This may be a stretch for you, but give him a chance to talk about something that’s important to him: goals and ambitions, sports, cars, hobbies, dreams, etc.. Keep listening intently and you will develop a stronger and stronger interest in what lights him up when he talks. One of the bonuses is that he will be more likely to listen to you next time.

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4 – Grant Him Silence

This may seem like the polar opposite of ‘Listen To Him Talk’. Let me paint the picture. Women love to talk… and share… and talk some more. Start observing your conversations together. Do you talk most of the time? Does he talk most of the time? One of the biggest relationship tips in your relationship is creating a balance between the two of you. There are going to be some days that one of you talks more than the other. ‘Grant Him Silence’ means be aware enough to know when he is happy being without any conversation. Give him the space for silence. That also may be you at times.


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