6 Happily Ever After Relationship Tips With Your Man


1 – Allow Him To ‘Fix’ Something

It’s possible that you may be a very independent woman. That is something to be very proud of when there is no other choices. Relationships have seasons. The exclusive relationship with yourself ended when you met the man of your life. Making room for him is just one of the relationship tips that will make a huge difference in your relationship. Keep your independent woman doing the thing only she can take care of. Allow him to fix something. He has to have purpose with you otherwise his ‘Happily Ever After’ will be squashed.

2 – Give Him Credit For Something Great!

This is another version of allowing him to fix something. Give him credit for something good happening in your life. He will LOVE IT when you put this relationship tip to work! In other words you don’t have to be busy claiming all of your conquests that you feel you ‘made happen’. Believe me when I say he is now a part of every moment of your day. Start noticing, listening and observing differently. Look for the ways he makes a huge difference in your life.


IMAGE: Rockin’ Sweet Love created/purchased image via ClipArt.com