[VIDEO] Women Be Irresistible First Date Ideas


3 First Date Outfit Ideas From Louise Roe

So you have a first date with someone new and you want to make sure you impress him. Louise Roe (English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist) gives her dating ideas in this [VIDEO] 24:30 with Mathew Hussey.

The first thing to find out is where you’re going on your date. You don’t want to be overdressed or under dressed so ask your date where you will be going.

One of the best first date ideas is to dress with an outfit that reflects who you are. This is not a time to act like someone else nor is it time to showoff all of your physical assets. Keep ‘you’ a mystery and leave allot to the imagination. The most important thing about the first date is to be comfortable, natural and see if there is a romantic connection. Not the time to wear brand new shoes that you’ve never worn before that may hurt your feet before you return home from your evening. Watch and listen to more of Louise Roe’s wisdom in this video.